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Our Holding was formed by bringing together some of the most prominent cannabis companies with excellent track records. From the first CBD laws introduction in 2017, each company below had been maturing individually on both Swiss and European markets. Every company is essential for vertical integration in our B2B and B2C structure where we fully control the value chain. The team has great chemistry in terms of values, organisation, qualities and mutual respect. Science, innovation and a shared future vision of the industry describe our commitment to the passion and synergy in HE Holding.



Hempfy focuses on innovative food and beverages, based on proprietary cold infusion technology for harvesting and processing THC-free hemp plants, compliant with Swiss and EU legislation. All our products are 100% Swiss made : we grow Hemp, as well as produce and develop our products exclusively in Switzerland. 

Sparkling H is a Swiss luxury wine based beverage, which is both natural and technologically advanced product, derived from specially processed Swiss chasselas wine, craftily merged with cold-infused fresh Swiss cannabis plants. This recipe brings out the most subtle flavours and aromas of both the chasselas grape and cannabis.


Helveticann is dedicated to enhancing the public perception of cannabis through the scientifically researched development of consumer CBD products and the creation of trustworthy brands. We remain intensely focused on cultivating consumer trust. Of paramount importance to us is our ability to provide the highest quality, premium CBD products while delivering the optimal customer experience.

Helveti Sport is a line of wellness CBD products designed to address the needs of those experiencing daily training injuries. The products are created and endorsed by professional athletes and aimed to help users enjoy their favourite activities with the help of an effective natural remedy.

Halveti Sport
Swiss Hempcare

Whether for therapeutic or recreational purposes, when used correctly, CBD hemp has immense potential. We at Swiss Hempcare are specialised in this usage as cannabinoids, especially cannabidiol ( CBD ) are our passion. With a great deal of dedication, strict quality control and complete monitoring of all processes, we are committed to restoring hemp to its rightful place in our society.

Recharge Water is unique combination of crystal clear Swiss water from lithium rich source and top quality Swiss cannabis terpenes. Great for daily consumption when you need this extra boost of energy and optimism.

Recharge Water
Charlie's Laboratory

We are specialists in refining CBD and have many years of experience with hemp. This allows us to successfully incorporate CBD into almost any product and in any form. Our motto is "From Seed to Product" and we always remain true to it. We only process high-quality organic raw materials that come from Switzerland and have been produced sustainably.

Special farm to Bean to Bar chocolate. We control the entire production of our chocolate with a twist of a full-spectrum, GMP-grade, 100% rich organic CBD-CBG extract for total “entourage effect”.

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