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Our team

Our team is an aggregate of most experienced professionals that have been carving the path for leadership in the cannabis industry for longer than market first heard of the CBD buzz itself. The track records can't lie, we have the absolute best in each process. We are a Swiss company with international background striving to prove to always be ahead of the curve by pioneering with our strategic vision and entrepreneurial spirit.

Andrey Matveev

Former professional athlete with a background in luxury goods and high-end real-estate acquisitions. Having successfully developed a few real estate projects, he entered the world of Bio-Tech and alternative investments. 5 years actively advocating the cannabis industry with a long-term vision of scalability for the market.

Constantin Marakhov, PhD, MBA

Seasoned executive with broad experience in private and public sectors. After finishing his work at the World Economic Forum, he got passioned about sustainability, circular economy and full cycle projects with the focus on cannabis based FMCG products. As a result several leading European brands have been born, leveraging innovation and Swiss quality traditions.

Sebastien Naville

From a Swiss diplomatic family background, and oldest families of Switzerland. Sebastien has worked in international relations for over a decade, which include; customer admin, service, relations, support & sales with experience in corporate finance, commodities trading and real estate. Founder of ‘Company X’ in 2018, he then moved his primary focus onto industrial hemp products and their environmental benefits. He is contributing to our Holding’s international relationship management & commercial operations. Outside of work he is a fitness enthusiast, enjoys sports and outdoor activities.

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